Thursday, January 7, 2010

What can I use as a substitute for vegetable oil in cupcakes?

Can I use butter? I really dislike the heavy taste oil has in my cupcakes.What can I use as a substitute for vegetable oil in cupcakes?
No, don't use butter or margarine. It has a completely different makeup. Try canola oil, which is lighter.

Don't use walnut oil--it should not be heated.What can I use as a substitute for vegetable oil in cupcakes?
Absolutely butter works... Keep in mind that oil adds tenderness. Your leavening choice (baking soda / powder in this case) is what determines the heaviness. Only too much oil will create the heavy taste you are talking about because it messes with the leavening agents...

My advice would be to use refined (or virgin) coconut oil. I use it almost exclusively for substitutes in my baking. The reason is that not only does it bring all of the benefits of shortening, is very heart health, skin tone healthy, but it also will not make you fat. Meaning, coconut oil is primarily MCT's, and so they are simply used for energy and not fat storage...

Also, one other note... If you use virgin you will notice a subtle coconut flavor is add to the mix. I really like it because it adds a complex flavor that most cannot determine what it is, but if you do not want this, then just use the refined (but slightly less healthy) version... Any Walmart has it...

Good Luck and Happy Baking... :)
I use unsweetened applesauce. I would not suggest olive oil, it contains flavors you don't want in cupcakes, but canola oil would be an exchange. Exchanging melted butter for oil will work, but you may have some issues with added salt in the butter and the moisture difference
You can use butter. You can also use a the same flavor of instant pudding. Just add a small box of the same flavor pudding to the mixture and it will make them light and fluffy and moist. DON'T MIX THE PUDDING WITH THE MILK. Just use the powder.
you can certainly use margarine. or Canola oil is good, too. A cupcake cookbook I have uses either Canola oil or margarine in all their recipes.
I use extra virgin olive oil in pretty much everything and I don't mind the fruity olive taste in sweets. Butter's fine, or margarine.
I think canola oil is much lighter
walnut are grape seed oil.

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