Thursday, January 7, 2010

I put vegetable oil on my hamsters wheel?

I have a hamster wheel, and it is so squeeky it drives me crazy! I will try to sleep and the hamster wheel will be squaking and squeaking away! So, I have to take out the wheel and I feel bad about that. I decided to take the wheel out of its holder thing and rub vegetable oil on the axle and all around it, it was really silent when they ran on it but then they started licking it off the axle, will this hurt them in any way? If so, how?I put vegetable oil on my hamsters wheel?
It is fine to oil the wheel and it will not harm them if they lick a bit. In fact, oil is good for their coats and many people feed their pets a bit in their food. People sometimes eat a specail kind of oil (fish oil or flaxseed oil) to keep them healthy and make their skin and hair in better condition. When I was young, I was worried as well but it is such a lifesaver. My pets are happy, and so am I!I put vegetable oil on my hamsters wheel?
I don't believe so, it has never hurt any of my dogs to eat it, and sometimes my dad puts a little with their food to make their coats shiney. Maybe this should be a one time thing, If nothing happens to them, I guess it will be ok to try it again.
Vegetable oil is harmless; that's why I recommend it for running wheels. You can also use petroleum jelly.
I do it all the time!! The hamster(s) mite get oily fur that looks wet. but if they are licking it off the wheel it can't be too much oil!
Not in small amounts, but if they eat too much, they will get overweight. It won't kill them or anything.
No, it will be fine.

All it would do will give it a glossier coat ^_^
No I do it all the time

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